LNO Vendor Registration – May 11, 2023 | 5-8PM

Great sponsorship opportunity to market your product to over 1,000 local women through event promotion & in-store displays.

Questions? Contact Michael Sanders at (208) 310-1764 or at msanders@mbspbs.com or Jessica Hastriter at (509) 332-2627 ext. 1172 or at jhastriter@mbspbs.com.

Thank you, your participation and support are greatly appreciated.

If a vendor should choose to use free goods as a buy in (partial or full) for a sponsorship package, the goods cost to MPBS must total 50% more than the cash value of the sponsorship package. Example: a vendor chooses to buy the Banquet package ($2000), but chooses to not do cash/check/credit card/credit memo and instead elects to pay in free goods, they then have to supply MPBS with $3000 (MPBS cost) of goods/product for this package.