Using stoves to heat your home is an efficient and affordable way to keep your family warm during the cold winter months. At Moscow & Pullman Building Supply, we recognize the importance of finding the perfect stove or fireplace to fit your needs and budget. That is why we carry a large selection of wood burning, gas, and pellet stoves. Visit our showroom today! Don’t forget to check out our outdoor fireplaces today!

We also have a selection of zero-clearance fireplaces in wood & gas, a zero-clearance fireplace is a unit that can be directly placed onto the wood framing of a new home or remodel. If on an exterior wall, gas zero-clearance stoves do not have to vent through the ceiling & select wood units have the option to tie into pre-existing ducting. Call in today for more information on zero-clearance stoves! Installation & delivery are available.

Wood stoves give that classic warmth and feel in your home. The ambiance that is created is no comparison to other types of heating sources. Some wood stoves even produce heat after they are out – keeping you and your family warm for hours during the cold months.

Pellet stoves are a low maintenance stove option as they are easy as filling the hopper and walking away. Pellets burn cleaner than wood and are an eco-friendly option to tradition wood burning stoves. There is no messy wood splitting or preparation involved.

Gas stoves are the cleanest, most low maintenance out of all the alternative heating sources. They usually come with a remote which makes it easy to turn on and go. Some of the style customizations available for gas stoves include faux log insets, brick liners & more. Check out our full line up of gas stoves in our Pullman location.

2021-2024 Idaho Stove Tax Credit

  • Valid on Any EPA Certified Wood, Pellet, or Gas Stove (Must be to replace any non-current EPA certified wood burning stove)
  • Tax Credit will be claimed over a 4 Year period through December 21, 2024
  • First Year Credit is 40% of Cost of Stove & Installation (Tax Deduction not to exceed $5,000 in any one taxable year for all alternate energy devices)

2021-2023 Federal Stove Tax Credit

  • Valid on Any 75% Efficient EPA Registered Wood or Biomass Stove
  • A 26% Tax Credit Can Be Claimed for a 3 Year Period Through December 31, 2023 on Stove & Installation Cost


Call in or stop by today to talk to our stove pros for installation & delivery options.

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