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Luxurious Eucalyptus Outdoor Furniture

There is nothing quite like the polished look of Eucalyptus outdoor furniture. The rich color and unique grain elevates outdoor areas into luxurious lounging, dining and perfect conversation spaces. Whether you're already enjoying your beautiful Eucalyptus furniture or are about to get your first piece or set, here's the inside scoop on why Eucalyptus is such a perfect fit. As well as, how to care for your Eucalyptus outdoor furniture, so it will keep that luxurious finish year after year.

Sustainable Durable Water-Resistant
Why Eucalyptus? Many people are pleasantly surprised to learn Eucalyptus is a renewable resource grown on plantations and sustainably harvested. Eucalyptus wood is considered by woodworkers as high quality, it's a very dense wood making it rot resistant, and the high oil content found in the wood also makes it naturally repel water and moisture. When you couple this together with its beautiful grain and smooth finish, Eucalyptus is a perfect fit for solid wood outdoor furniture.

Extend The Beauty
When it comes to maintaining the fresh look of your Eucalyptus outdoor furniture, there are a few things you need to know.

  • Make sure you do not leave standing water on your outdoor furniture.
  • Try to keep it out of direct sunlight as much as possible.
  • The best way to do this is to purchase a vinyl tarp large enough to cover your furniture when not in use.

Keep It Looking Brand New
Maintaining the finish of your Eucalyptus outdoor furniture every year is straightforward as well. All you need for this project is a gallon bucket, bleach, dish soap and a soft bristled brush, and an Outdoor Interiors Care Kit (FREE with your Outdoor Interiors Eucalyptus furniture purchase, while supplies last).

  • Mix 1 Tbsp bleach, and 5 Tbsp dish soap into 1 gallon of water.
  • Use a soft bristled brush to clean the wood and remove all the dirt. Dry all the surfaces with lint free towels and allow it to completely dry before applying the sealer.
  • Make sure the sealant you choose is intended for exterior wood. To find it faster, and for any questions, be sure to ask one of our staff for assistance.
  • It's highly recommended to apply three coats of sealant, be sure to follow the instructions provided on the container.
  • Once the sealant completely cures, you're ready to start using and enjoying your Eucalyptus outdoor furniture.

We've Got You Covered
Come on in to see it for yourself! We at Moscow & Pullman Building Supply provide you with an extensive selection of Eucalyptus furniture by Outdoor Interiors. Whether you're looking for a single piece or a complete set, we've got you covered. Not to mention when it comes to caring for and maintaining your Eucalyptus furniture, we've got you covered there as well! We carry all the supplies you need to keep your beautiful Eucalyptus furniture looking as luxurious as if you just brought it home. Don't let your outdoor furniture fade away, get the supplies you need to maintain it today!

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For any questions about Eucalyptus outdoor furniture, be sure to contact one of our Lawn & Garden Pros.
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