Home Projects You Don't Have to Leave the House For.

Home Projects – March 16, 2020

With all the hype of COVID-19 “Corona Virus” the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is encouraging anyone who feels under the weather to stay home and to socially distance yourself from large gatherings of people. As more people are staying home to avoid possibly exposure, we thought we could provide some positivity during these times. Here are a 8 home projects you can get done without even leaving the house.

8 Home Projects (without even leaving your home)

  • Clean Flower Beds – Let’s face it, we’re all excited for spring. Now is a great time to get a head start by clearing out leaves, debris, and other dead branches/materials from your flower beds. Make way for those bulb sprouts and new foliage!
  • Clean Gutters – While cleaning your gutters isn’t the most glamorous of household tasks, it’s one that is necessary. So, go grab the ladder and your gloves and get to work. It always feels better to start the season knowing your gutters are clean and free of debris.
  • Deep Clean the House – With the virus spreading, it’s only natural to want to clean. So whip out the mop and anti-bacterial spray for a full-house cleaning session. Don’t forget to sanitize frequently touched or used surfaces like microwaves, handles, and door knobs. Also, don’t let your floor suffer! Your shoes can not only track in mud, but all sorts of yucky bacteria (just think of all the places they’ve been or potentially stepped in: animal droppings, public bathrooms, gum, etc.). Now is a good time to break out the Swiffer and get to work!
  • Get Prepared for Seed Starting – For all those gardeners, get your green thumbs out! Now is the time to start thinking about seed starting. Start gathering all your tools and equipment from the shed. You can clear a space and get your grow lights and heating pads ready now.
  • Clean off Your Outdoor Space – With spring comes enjoying warmer weather outdoors. Get out your patio furniture from the garage or shed and set it up on your patio. We’ve found the easiest way to clean your outdoor furniture is with a damp cloth or by power washing them (depending if the cushions can get wet). Either works great!
  • Clean Equipment & Tools – This is the perfect time to get your spring power equipment cleaned and prepped.  Grab your trimmers, mowers, and shovels out of the garage, they could benefit from a good power wash or wipe-down after sitting all winter. We also offer full service and tune-ups for power equipment, call or visit our tune up page for more information.
  • Apply Mulch/Bark – Adding mulch or bark to your flower bed instantly brightens up the space! It also offers valuable insulation to a plant’s root system, encouraging healthy growth. Mulch helps regulate soil temperature and moisture, creating a healthy environment for your plants to grow. Lastly, mulch acts as a natural guard against pesky weeds.
  • Organize Your Garage – A lot of people who participate in annual spring cleaning leave out on of the most important parts of your home, the garage. Now is a great time to get all your tools, equipment, and seasonal items organized and ready for spring!

We hope we’ve given you some ideas of how to stay productive during your time at home.

Please note, here at Moscow & Pullman Building Supply, we are taking all the proper precautions. It is of our upmost priority to ensure our customers and employees stay safe during this time. We have stopped serving popcorn for health concerns, we are making sure employees sanitize their stations, door handles, carts, etc. We also are asking our staff to stay home if they feel under the weather. Our hearts go out to all those affected by the virus. We wish everyone the best.

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