Let’s Talk Butcher Block

Let’s talk butcher block!

If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, Butcher Block is a great option for countertops! People tend to shy away from Butcher Block saying” “they’re too much maintenance and I’m afraid it will stain or scratch.” The reality of it is, not everything you hear is true.  In fact, for the past century and a half, Europe has considered wood the preferred material for kitchen countertops. Wood is a sustainable resource that provides outstanding durability while adding a natural beauty and warmth to the space. Unlike quartz, wood countertops are eco-friendly. They do not attribute to water or noise pollution. It’s no wonder it’s such a desirable choice!

Now offered at Moscow & Pullman Building Supply is CafeCountertops.  These solid wood countertops are food-prep safe and produced here in the USA! With the ability to use these countertops basically anywhere, they are built to withstand temperature changes and moisture. This means they’re not only great for accent areas like in your island, but can be used in sink or cooktop areas without fear.

Hand-Rubbed Oil Finish delivers an effective combination of food-prep-safety and easy, long term care. The blend of food-safe oil and hard natural waxes create a food-safe finished product that has excellent moisture resistance that blocks out liquids and dirt. Scratches made with this surface can be removed, too! Maintenance for this finish is an easy, twice-yearly treatment. Enjoy the convenience & protection of this finish, which is recommended for kitchens.

Super Top-Coat Finish is considered a permanent finish option. This finish is idea for bathrooms, bars, or furniture (like tables). This, much like any other clearcoat, cannot offer a food-prep-safety guarantee (in other words, it’s not meant for chopping like the hand-rubbed oil is). It is suitable for both standard and commercial or bar grades, that are non-food-prep areas. It is also an additional cost.

With 16 edge profiles available to choose from, you can customize your countertops to fit your style! Match pre-existing countertop edges, or create a fresh, new look to accentuate your space.  Premium, custom edges are available, too!

Ask out design center pros for more information on these countertop edge profiles. Also find tangible countertop samples in our store, so you can check them out in-person.

For CafeCountertops with the Hand Rubbed Oil Finish, an easy wipe-on wipe-off procedure needs to be completed twice a year. It contains an all-natural wax blend that effectively repels moisture, making them completely suitable for areas next to sinks. However, we do not recommend letting water stand on the worktop surface for long periods of time. Another great aspect to this countertop option, is they are stain resistant. So, no need to worry if you spill heavily-pigmented foods such as red wine or yellow mustard on your countertop! All of the standard finishes block out dirt and stains. Food and drink should, however be wiped clean with a mild soap and towel. Comparatively, this maintenance is significantly less than what is required of other butcher block brands.

The Super-Top Coat is an optional finish, equivalent to other brand’s ‘permanent’ or ‘waterproof’ finishes. CafeCountertops encourages you to do your research about this finish to see if it’s right for you based on your desired countertop application and/or location. We suggest visiting CafeCountertops’ FAQs page for more information on solid wood countertops care and maintenance.


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