Rent The Right Tool! Right When You Need It!

35 Tons Of Fun!

It's Log Splittin’ Time

Yup, it's time to knock out that pile of rounds you've got stacked up, you know it and we know it. So, put down the maul and wedges because our rental team has just the thing to turn that pile into 35 tons of fun! The Oregon OR35TBS-1 35 Ton Log Splitter powered by a tried-and-true Briggs & Stratton engine gives you all the power you need to split even the most knotty, stringy hard woods, we all know are waiting for you in that pile.

Horizontal Or Vertical, You Choose!
Multiple setup options help you get the job done. Horizontal setup, gives you the added benefit of the included log catcher, turning your operation into a time saving assembly line. The log cradles easily handle the high tonnage this bad boy delivers time and time again. Got a few thick or heavy logs or working in a tight spot. Not a problem, just rig it for Vertical setup. Roll the rounds under the heavy duty welded wedge and make short work out of them. There's even a knife edge and separator you can use to get the job done faster, with less work.

100% Maintenance Free
The best part, when you're done, just haul it back to our Rental Pros. They'll handle all the maintenance and keep it ready for next season's pile of firewood. Zero maintenance, and no need to store it. Renting from Moscow & Pullman Building Supply does have its privileges.

Get R Done
Rent the right tool, right when you need it! Don't wait, call the rental team now, and reserve your Oregon 35 Ton Log Splitter for only $66 per day (prices subject to change)!

For any questions about this or any other rental equipment, be sure to contact our Rental Pros, or click here to learn more about all of the rentals we provide.
Moscow: 208.882.4716 opt. 5 | Pullman: 509.332.2627 opt. 5

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