Preparing Your Home For Fall

It’s not too early to do a few simple tasks for an easy transition into autumn.

The leaves will soon start changing colors and the sweet smell of fall spices will fill your senses. Whether we like it or not, it’s time to start thinking about fall preparations and most homeowners know there’s never an off season when it comes to house maintenance. See below for some typical fall preparation items to get your season started on the right foot.

Clean Out Gutters

Efficient drainage will allow for proper function all season long. Install gutter guard for extra protection and for easy cleaning next season. We have everything from hose attachments to extension ladders to help you get your job done right.

Replace Weather-stripping

Inspect weather-stripping around doors and windows to help ensure your home won’t be drafty. Replace tattered or missing foam or plastic weather barriers. Save on energy costs by making your home efficient with proper weather-stripping.

Change Furnace Filters

Changing your furnace filters is a regular part of home maintenance. Ensure a proper functioning furnace for the cold months ahead. Schedule an inspection and tune up of your furnace to avoid a hefty repair or replacement cost of your unit.

Winterize Lawn Equipment

Give back to the equipment that works hard for you all season long.  It’s never too early to get your equipment prepped for the cooler months like generators, leaf blowers, and chain saws.

Plant Grass Seed

Planting grass seed in the fall to help ensure germination in intermediate temperatures (not too dry, hot, or cold). Fall is the perfect time to let new grass roots develop before the frost of winter rolls in.

Inspect, Inspect, Inspect

Regular inspection of your home can help avoid expensive repairs in the future. Noticing damages to siding, roofing, cracking in the driveway and more can help you fix and identify issues before the cold weather prohibits it.

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