Remodeling Your Bathroom – August 27, 2019

Consider Style – When updating your bathroom you need to make sure it is not only functional, but also suits your style. Modern and contemporary styles are frequently used in bathroom designs.

Contemporary Fresh & clean is the feel of a contemporary design. It’s all about creating a welcoming atmosphere by using muted tones and minimalistic vanities, cabinets, and fixtures.

Modern Exemplifying clean lines through neutral colors, natural materials, and minimal decorative details will get you a modern look.

Modern Rustic This blends the typical neutral color scheme of the modern style with fun fabrics and textiles like cowhide, jute, or linen to add a rustic pop.


Functional Updates– Don’t sacrifice design for function, the two can work simultaneously.

Vanity Tops This one of the quickest ways to give your bathroom a new look. Quartz, cultured marble, and granite are popular choices, offering a unique design element with durability.

Cabinets & Vanities Whether you have a large or small space you’re working with, the cabinets are a primary focal point in the bathroom. They also hold a great importance for the sink and storage. Updating your bathroom cabinets will freshen up your space for sure.

Hardware Simple updates like replacing your hardware can help enhance the look and feel of your space. Brushed nickel is the most popular choice when it comes to hardware finishes. It feels clean and gives a sense of timelessness.

Showers When re-doing your shower, keeping the color tones light and the space as open as possible will offer a clean and inviting look for guests… because no one wants to bathe in a dark, dingy shower.


DESIGNER TIPS: If you don’t have a ton of space for cabinetry, try floating shelves – conceal your toiletries with designerly storage baskets.

TRENDING: Try featuring cabinetry that resembles furniture, which is gaining popularity, such as dresser-like vanities and apothecary cabinets.


Check more tips and advice from Bertch Cabinetry:  Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Remodels

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