Our accounting department is here to help! In addition to accepting cash, check, and major credit cards, we offer commercial and personal credit accounts to make it easier and more convenient for you to do business with Moscow & Pullman Building Supply.

Upon approved credit, a charge account with Moscow & Pullman Building Supply will provide you the ability to easily track purchases by project.

Unlike revolving credit cards, the MBS/PBS charge account is designed for commercial processing. Payment terms are net-10th (10th of the month) following the statement date. Customer statements are mailed the first working day of each month for your accounting convenience.

APPLY FOR A MBS/PBS ACCOUNT TODAY! Already have an account? Email Katrina ( to sign-up to receive your statement via e-mail.

Want to seeĀ moreĀ services that Moscow & Pullman Building Supply offers like our Financing Program! We’re here to help you and all your accounting needs.