Simply find the products you need online from Do It Best and have your them shipped to our store. We’ll call you when they arrive! Free shipping on all items shipped to Moscow & Pullman Building Supply.

By clicking “Ship-to-Store,” you will be directed to our online Do It Best retail store.

Also be sure to check out our Curbside Pick Up.


* Free shipping on all items shipped to Moscow or Pullman Building Supply. A representative will notify you once the items arrive at our store. 

1.) The customer must bring their product back to Moscow & Pullman Building Supply, the location it was originally shipped to. 

2.) A Moscow & Pullman Building Supply representative will call the Do It Best customer service line at 1-260-748-7175. If their office is closed, the customer will be directed to call Do It Best the following business day. The customer is required to leave their product at our store while Do It Best sends a return tag for the product to go back to the warehouse.

3.)  Do It Best will issue a credit for the product, this includes defective or damaged product. Since the product was purchased through Do It Best, Moscow & Pullman Building Supply cannot issue the credit.