The Dynamic Duo – March 3, 2020

Today’s blog post is all about Nathan & Chelsea – The Dynamic Duo! They work alongside each other in the Moscow Design Center. Why do we call them that? When approached to participate in a blog post, they insisted on doing it together. Sounds like a dream team if we’ve ever heard of one!


Who is this Dynamic Duo?

Nathan & Chelsea are in charge of our Moscow Design Center. They share the same title and responsibilities at the job: Cabinet Design, Sales & Installation.

Nathan has worked at Moscow Building Supply (MBS) for about 9 years to date. He started his career in the lumber yard back in 2010. As hands-on as that was, he wanted to be on the other side of the counter. When the opportunity to work at Master’s Touch Cabinetry, a local custom cabinetry company, presented itself he didn’t hesitate.

Here he built and installed custom cabinets. After about a year, he returned to MBS and worked in the rental department for a few years. He soaked up all the information he could there and made the transition to the Design Center.

As for Chelsea, she has worked in multiple departments during her 5 years of service at MBS. She began her career as a cashier in 2015 then worked her way into the Lawn & Garden department as a customer service associate. She eventually gravitated towards the Service Counter. This is where she could really hone in on customer service and broaden her product knowledge.

Chelsea wanted to expand her skill set, so when an opportunity in the flooring department opened, she took it. From that position, she transitioned into her current role in the Design Center quite naturally.


What do they do?

Nathan & Chelsea help make clients’ dream designs become a reality. They mainly work on kitchens and bathrooms and have designed spaces all over the area. They work with customers everywhere from Farmington, WA to Lewiston, ID.

When asked what a typical day looks like, they said they start by mapping everything out. They discuss customers’ needs and what needs done first, then what appointments they have scheduled, etc.

At this point, they are essentially serving customers’ needs by appointment only. When they’re not in the office meeting new customers or designing a client’s dream kitchen, they’re on the job site. They frequently take measurements or stop by installs to make sure it’s up to par. Some of their daily duties include coordinating appointments, meeting customers, designing custom spaces, and ordering product/materials.


Challenges, why not!?

This job can sometimes presents challenges. For example, mixing personal taste with customers’ choices can be difficult. But seeing the design take shape into something the customer loves is totally worth it. Chelsea says “The unexpected hurdles in an install can be challenging. There’s always a solution through conflict resolution and thinking outside of the box.” Both Nathan & Chelsea enjoy the challenges of day-to-day work in the Design Center.

Why MBS?

Nathan & Chelsea enjoy their jobs at MBS. “My favorite aspect of the job is building new relationships with clients.” said Nathan. “Also helping them realize their home improvement dreams can become a reality.” Chelsea enjoys being able to comfortably guide customers through the design process from start to finish. She loves giving customers the ability to create the kitchen of their dreams.

Nathan and Chelsea agree that MBS is a good company to work for. They both expressed it has a family atmosphere and the company offers genuine concern for its employee’s happiness and well-being. This is something that not all companies offer. Because MBS is family owned, they want to do their best to treat employees like family. Nathan & Chelsea are truly a part of the MBS family.

Also, what’s unique about MBS is the customer experience. “We care about every job from start to finish because those personal relationships are important to us.” said Chelsea. MBS offers all the tools and resources for a successful home improvement project. This includes having employees like Nathan & Chelsea who take the extra steps to make sure everything goes smoothly. They hold a job accountable even if MBS isn’t the ones doing the installation.


What else…? Fun Facts (of course)!

Nathan is originally from Pendleton, OR. He currently resides in Potlatch, ID where he purchased a home in 2019. He likes woodworking, building furniture, hiking, riding dirt bikes, being outside in nature with his girlfriend, Kelli, who also works at MBS.

Chelsea grew up in Deary, ID and rents a duplex in Moscow, ID. She enjoys getting lost in a good book and playing sports like basketball and tennis. She also loves spending time in the outdoors around a fire with friends and her boyfriend Hayden, who she met through MBS.

Next time you’re in the Design Center, make sure to say hi the dynamic duo. Keep up the good work Nathan & Chelsea!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, want more? Check out our other blogs: Let’s DIY & In Bloom on the Palouse.


Thanks for reading,

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