Winter prep is easy with a few easy & inexpensive tips for homeowners. Make sure your home is protected against freezing temperatures here in the Pacific Northwest.

Foam Vent Cover

Insulate Crawl Space

Use foam vent plugs to reduce your heating bill this season. Insulating your crawl space during the winter months reduces the risk of freezing pipes. The foam plugs can be trimmed and shaped to fit your specifications.

Ice Melt with Scoop

Winter Prep Essentials

Stock up on winter essentials like snow & ice melt, shovels, ice scrapers & sand. Having these essential winter items early on can be helpful in case of inclement weather.

Snow Blower

Winter Lawn Equipment

Give back to the equipment that works hard for you all season long.  It’s never too late to get your equipment prepped for the cold months like generators, leaf blowers, and chain saws. Visit our Tune Up page to learn more!

Furnace Maintenance

Changing your furnace filters is a regular part of home maintenance. Ensure a proper functioning furnace for the cold months ahead. Schedule an inspection and tune up of your furnace to avoid a hefty repair or replacement cost of your unit.

Weather Stripping


Inspect weather-stripping around doors and windows to help ensure your home won’t be drafty. Replace tattered or missing foam or plastic weather barriers. Save on energy costs by making your home efficient with proper weather-stripping.

Foam Pipe Insulation

Foam Pipe Insulation

Foam pipe insulation prevents your pipes from freezing during the cold season. It is a thick tube-shaped foam usually sold in 6′ lengths. Foam pipe is an inexpensive option for anyone wanting to save a little on a utility bill this winter.

Some additional tips for your home this season:

  • Turn off valves for outdoor water pipes at the beginning of winter
  • Install gutter tape to roof line
  • Install heat pipe insulation
  • Maintain temperature over 32 degrees in pump house (if necessary)
  • Apply seasonal lawn winterizer through December
  • Use Harvest-Guard to insulate plants from harsh frosts and winds
  • Stock up on windshield wash fluid & tarps for outdoor power equipment such as snow blowers
  • Shop early for best selection of heaters – electric heaters can cut down on utility costs in the winter

Visit us in-store to learn more about winterizing your home. We can share advice and expert knowledge to help get your project started.

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