Are you remodeling a bathroom or kitchen & are in need of countertops? If so, we can help. Whether you’re simply looking for ideas or have a specific need in mind, our friendly and knowledgeable design staff have professional experience in the industry and will help you create a custom design that fits you need, style, and budget.

We offer a variety of countertop materials including quartz, marble, many other stones, butcher block, and laminate. Choose from quality brands like Caesarstone, Cambria, Pental, Silestone, Corian, and more. We will help provide you all the tools for a successful project that encapsulates your ideal design, style, function, color, and cost.

Granite is a natural stone that is cut from the earth like slices of bread. It is an igneous rock made up of primarily quartz and a mixture of additional trace material. These minerals and their variation in abundance give granite numerous colors and textures. Being that granite is a heavy material, it is not suitable for a DIY installation. Read more in our Cabinet Chat Blog about granite countertops.

Quartz Countertops consist of 90% natural quartz crystal. The crystals are mined, then ground into a dust or an aggregate that’s fused with resin binders under intense heat and pressure to form a solid slab. Pigments added during the process impart color and a patterns to the slab.  Being that quartz is a heavy material, it is not suitable for a DIY installation. Read more in our Cabinet Chat Blog about quartz countertops.

Wood is a sustainable resource that provides outstanding durability while adding a natural beauty and warmth to the space. Unlike quartz, wood countertops are eco-friendly. They do not attribute to water or noise pollution. It’s no wonder it’s such a desirable choice. Offered at Moscow & Pullman Building Supply is CafeCountertops which you can read more about in our Cabinet Chat Blog, Let’s Talk Butcher Block. We also carry brands like Caribou and John Boos.

Laminate countertops are an affordable option for those that want to stay on a budget while having hundreds of options to choose from. Once regarded as a lower end material, laminate has come leaps in bounds with the technology used to fabricate countertops. With the vast array of printing options, the designs are limitless making this a great option for custom projects or DIYers. Visualize your space with a laminate countertop with Wilsonart’s Interior Design Tool.

Manufactured by blending polyester resins, acrylic, epoxide, sedimentary stone and various pigments, solid surface countertops are a great alternative to quartz or granite because it is a more affordable option while still having the appeal of natural stone. One advantage of Corian solid surface countertops is that they can be glued together so the seems are completely invisible giving the illusion of one solid piece. View Corian’s Inspiration Brochure for more information.



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