Whether your project is as small as needing to replace a few light bulbs or as big as outfitting a whole house with an electrical package, we are here to help! No matter what your project is we’re here for all your electrical needs from start to finish. So call or visit the electrical pros at Moscow & Pullman Building Supply today and we’ll help you get your project started today.


We stock a full selection of Siemens breakers and boxes. If you are creating a new service or just upgrading your old, we have what you need to complete your project. Siemens is dedicated to providing the highest quality products, the same dedication Moscow & Pullman Building Supply has. We also stock a wide assortment of breakers from Square D including HomeLine series. For those classic homes we also stock bar and screw in fuses.


Replacement, remodel, or new construction, we have all the electrical boxes, conduit, and conduit fittings to get you wired. Our electrical specialists are ready to help you find the products that will make your project a success. Moscow & Pullman Building Supply carries a full line of PVC, EMT thin wall, and flex conduits and fittings. We also stock a wide assortment of PVC and metal boxes to match almost all applications, interior and exterior.


Essentials are relative to each of us. Whether your essential is multi-meter or a power block for your device, we have you covered when it comes to electrical essentials. Moscow & Pullman Building Supply is proud to offer brands known for reliability such as MagLite, GB, Klein, and Quirky. Our broad selection has the products we rely on daily for both work and pleasure and our electrical specialists are here to provide the highest quality products and highest quality service.


Even the warmest home can be unwelcoming if the temperature is wrong. Our electrical specialists are here to ensure you get the information you need to design an efficient and effective heating or cooling program. If you already have a system set up, we carry everything you need to maintain your system. We carry a broad selection of air filters in various sizes and filtration rates as well as air purifiers to fit your needs. We stock a great selection of ducting and duct accessories.


Shed light on your personality with the right fixtures and bulbs. Your lighting choices help determine the mood and enhance the inherent qualities of the space. We pride ourselves in the extensive selection of in stock lighting and the robust Ready-To-Order program we offer. Any style, size, or budget, we can help you turn a room into YOUR space.


Like the pipes that supply water, the wire that supplies our electricity is an unsung hero and perhaps one of the most intimidating things in our house. Our electrical specialists at are here to help you be the hero of your remodel or fix. Our broad selection of in stock cables and wire cover most needs and our Ready-to-Order program is supplied with all the specialized cables and wires you may need.