How to Prepare Your House For Trick-or-Treaters

Safety Tips for Homeowners on Halloween Night

If you are planning on participating in handing out candy on Halloween night, make sure to use these quick tips to ensure a safe evening!

Lights, Music & Mood

Porch lights mean candy! Make sure that kiddos stay safe by ensuring there is adequate lighting as it will be dark outside. Make sure if you are participating in handing out candy that your trick-or-treaters feel safe! Playing some spooky tunes can add to the mood!

Make Pets Feel Comfortable

There will be a lot of strange characters appearing on your doorstep Halloween night. Make sure your furry friends are secure, comfortable & away from eager trick-or-treaters. Consider kenneling or making them comfortable in another room until the porch lights are turned off.

Secure Railings, Steps & Clear Walkways

You wouldn’t want to have a easily fixed mistake like clearing debris or a creaking step cause you to have an unwanted safety incident on Halloween night. Make sure your home is safe for incoming visitors to your porch, deck or walkway. Consider repairing the stairs and securing any loose handrails.

Flameless Candles Are Your Friend

Better safe than sorry when it comes to real flames in jack-o-lantern. Opt for safer options that won’t run you the risk of your home catching fire. Plus you don’t have to worry about blowing them out because they are all battery operated. Visit us in store today to check out our selection of flameless candles. You’ll be surprised how they flicker like the real thing!

Lock All Doors

While you’re busy tending to the front doors, intruders could be using this as an opportunity to prey upon your home. Secure all doors and turn on alarm systems for any entrance not being immediately used.

Food Allergies & Treats for All

Consider the teal pumpkin project this season and set one on your porch to let others know you are a safe house for food allergies. You could always opt to do non-treat options and get a variety of fun low-cost toys to hand out. Paint a pumpkin teal using our large selection of spray paint options available in both stores!

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