DIY Fire Pit Kit

Transform your backyard into a space the whole family will enjoy. With this DIY Fire Pit Kit, installation is as easy as 1-2-3!

STEP 1: Find a level area that is at least 3′ away from potential hazardous debris like foliage, tree branches, buildings, etc. Make sure the location you choose for your firepit is the permanent location as you will not be able to move it once assembled.

STEP 2: Start by placing the round firepit insert on the ground, you’ll place the first course of bricks around, continue placing the next course in a staggered pattern.
Depending on the height of your firepit, you will want to apply the adhesive to at least the top two courses to ensure stability.

STEP 3: Once all courses are installed, top the firepit with the round firepit insert. Lastly, for safety measures, you will want to fill the firepit with gravel up until the interior bricks are no longer visible. All materials are supplied, except the gravel is sold separately. Gravel is available in bags or bulk goods, of your choice.

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